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Written BY: Anthony Rubio – Celeb. Doggie Designer

“The Pet Couturier visits the Orient
I confess that I am not one to normally venture out of my comfort zone and yet when it comes to my creations I do my very best to think outside of the box. That said, last week I accepted the cordial invitation of one exceptionally talented visionary/artist who uses her camera as painters use brushes and paint to create masterpieces. I put myself along with Bogie & Kimba in her hands and what you will witness is a marvelous yet satirical vision of one incomparable photographer extraordinaire Pamela Paige.
I plan to bring the fabulous Pamela Paige to my next event (TBA) in the near future so that she may photograph those who attend with their fur babies, that proceeds can be donated to a most worthy cause involved in animal rescue.
Canine Models Bogie and Kimba are wearing Oriental attire inspired by the” China Through The Looking Glass” Exhibit at The New York City Metropolitan Museum, complete with coordinating head dresses designed by Anthony Rubio.”

Anthony Rubio Celeb. Doggie Designer