BEHIND THE SCENES shoot for 50 cent, Snoop Dog and Young Jeezy: Song – BRICK BY BRICK

Pamela Paige Uncategorized

AN ENTIRE DAY OF WORK AND YOU CAN SEE ME FOR .02 OF A SECOND.LOL -Fun experience but the pay for these music videos is zero. I think I’m the only model/dancer who was paid for this video. I do not care if they like me saying it or not. I was asked so many times to do these sort of videos and I asked what is the pay and they say it’s exposure for the models and I said no your taking advantage of people and it’s wrong. So when the director pulled me aside and paid me 100.00 he said don’t tell any of the other dancers. I looked at the girls and thought well, that is there fault. They set the standard by doing it for free. At least I got something for my time.