I decided to create UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER FOR 3 reasons: 1. I love anything pin up and slapstick 2. Show and Tell 3. To hand these one of a kind pieces down generation after generation I wanted to have something so originally artistic and unique that only my partner and I have hanging in our home. So begins the story of UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER… I brought this idea to fruition utilizing my team: hair, makeup, set design, and assistant photographer. I had to use various lights on set because with each light you add you loose sense of realism. Envisioning an action packed era piece from the 1950’s, this unique series delves behind the scenes of what happened to a couple after they said, “I do”. This visual story is meant to be fun, captivating, and leave you thinking. “Oh my God, what the hell were they thinking?!” Hence the name: UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER.


I was honored to have the privilege of working with the talented modern dancer, Stefan Sink, and designer, Brian Avery Brown, on this series.  Brian’s collection is a futuristic fashion forward unisex driven brand. I wanted to do a series of dark, beautiful photos that tell a story of a majestic being from another realm who saw this beautiful dance from afar, and wanted to take a closer look and see if it was the clothes that made him move like the wind. Scared out of his skin the dancer kicked the beautiful beings face off with his powerful leg, and once he realized what he had done he saw himself as a demonic being.